Credit cards, which are a necessity for shopping, always contain enough information to represent me, and a single credit card is powerful enough to get me through a wide range of tasks. Beyond buying things and making payments, credit cards are another version of me. However, the lifespan of a credit card is limited. As my information is newly updated, I am continually being issued new cards. If so, is the credit card containing the old me and my inherent identity destined to become extinct? If so, is it something so dangerous and impossible to recycle? Breaking from the dictionary meaning of the credit card, the IDTree aims to recycle a familiar and easy-to-use intuitive interface and inherent identity, to suggest a new view of credit cards as a creative tool, that is, the view of credit cards as circulating. Forming various branches and leaves from one trunk like a living tree, our identities disappear along with the other members of the society in which we live. However, I sought to design a different kind of shopping culture by showing many more uses for the credit card by facilitating interaction through diverse visual methods.   

Year: 2009
Size: 4500 mm x 2200 mm
Keywords: Magnetic card reader, magnetic card,