I basically made Youtube channel for my students (and for interaction designer newbies including GUI designers.) First of all, I should mention that I am a part-time lecturer at universities and colleges here in South Korea. I have been asking myself if I should teach trendy design tools to build something new for the semester. However, I believe it is important for universities and colleges to encourage students to develop their ideas or to solve problems with originality instead of technical skills. Of course, learning tools and software are as important as implementing ideas. However, the problem is that most students don't have time to learn both during the limited time in class.

The basic solution I came up with in order to balance these two; learning new tools and developing new ideas, I started to partly use Youtube. In doing so, students can learn the tool skills by themselves online before class. And during class, students can develop and discuss their ideas with lecturers and other students. This is also called 'Flipped Learning'. I am not sure how this will turn out in the end, but I will try with my new class next semester.

By the way, the videos are mainly in Korean but will try to make subtitles if I get the chance. 😉